Eiichibankan 6F
3-1,Yamashitacho, Nakaku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture


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Ukiyo-e pop out to the real world!?

World’s first Ukiyoe 2.5 dimensions of entertainment!!

Ukiyo-e is a painting genre which flourished during Edo era in Japan. Ukiyoe will be realized as genuine humans in costume for our show.
Our unique mix of Dance, Comedy, Mime and Magic along with projection mapping makes it as if you are in Ukiyo-e world!
UKIYO-E CAFE is open for people of all ages and nationalities. Enjoy our show while eating and drinking, featuring world famous Ukiyo-e ,"Under the Wave off Kanagawa" drowned by Hokusai Kastushika and so on.
Non verbal performance group,Siro-a,who has entertained over a hundred thousand people around the world have created a totally new production!!!
Renowned Traditional art Ukiyo-e becomes Contemporary art in our show.
You definitely should experience this Ukiyo-e world at least once.