Eiichibankan 6F
3-1,Yamashitacho, Nakaku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture


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Flow from when your admission

(duration 100 minutes)

① When you enter, you will be greeted by a night view that is said to be the most beautiful in Yokohama and a space created by projection mapping.

We will bring food from the customer sitting at the seat.

* All seats are unreserved.


② Opening performance (about 5 minutes after opening)
A fun and special feast begins with the characters "Ukiyo-e Boys"that jump out of ukiyo-e.


③ Photo shooting (about 30 minutes after opening)

The Ukiyo-e Boys take photos of you and go around.

This photo appears as an ukiyo-e print somewhere in the show.

Do you not become ukiyo-e? ?


④ An opening act (about 50 minutes after opening)

A mini corner before the show starts.

In addition to "Magic" and "Game", "Japanese instrumental performance" has been added from this time.


⑤ Start with Ukiyo-e Show! (Approximately 60 minutes after opening)

A 30-minute show by Ukiyo-e Boys.

Enjoy a world-class, authentic show of projection mapping and dance, acrobatics and comedy.


⑥ Commemorative photo with Ukiyo-e Boys(about 90 minutes after opening)

At the end of the show, spend a fleeting moment, such as a commemorative photo.


Thank you very much for coming.